Subscribers extra fields

Subscribers extra fields can be filled manually when editing a subscriber, or they can be filled by mapping form fields to extra fields.

Extra fields can be of 4 types:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Options
  • Date

Add Extra Field

Figure 4 - Extra Fields - Add

  • Name – The Extra Field Name. For internal use only. What value the subscriber will see, if any, is the form field name.
  • Type – Field type. When adding fields to forms, you have to select the type of element you want to add.
  • Default Value – If the field is not mandatory when filling forms, the default value will be saved.
  • Active – Field Status

When you add a new field, it will be available in the subscribers listing.

When you add a new extra field using the type “Options” and then map that field to a form, options loaded in the form will be the ones specified here