Forms are a great way, not only to capture new subscribers but also to engage them.

Admin Forms

Admin forms are an easy way for store managers to display information to its customers. For example events, articles, how to, and any other type of information that is to be used multiple times.

With admin forms, store managers create the forms and insert the form entries. 

The form options are mostly that same as the one for the front-end forms. Form fields and field options are the same.

Unlike front end forms and because there is no predefined structure, you can't simply display the form entries in your store with a widget. We have made it simply enough for any developer to integrate it into the store.

Front-end Forms

Front-end forms purpose is to let your customers communicate with you. Either by an improved communication strategy, or simply to reach you.

With front-end forms, it's possible to map information added by customers in the forms to subscribers and customers.

Forms are an easy way to capture and make use of customer preferences. For added scrutiny, it's possible to require a form submission validation in the customer email.

Form Options

Some relevant notes about forms

Display in manage subscription page?
If yes, this form will be shown in the newsletter preferences page when the subscriber clicks on "Manage Newsletter", from the email footer link, or navigates, in his account, to "Manage Newsletter". There is no need to add email input to map to the subscriber field as it is redundant
Success Page
The page the user should be redirected to after a successful form submission. Enter the full URL or the relative path. Valid examples:

Logged in Customers Only?
If only customers, who are currently logged in, can submit new entries. There is an option to let customers, logged in or not, to view the form, but can’t submit entries.

Can Customers Edit their entry?
If logged in customers can edit previously sent an entry. Id this is enabled, only one submission per customer will be allowed since he will automatically edit the one he previously submitted.

Update Button Label
If you allow customers to edit their entry, the text to display in the “submit” form button

Template Design
Full customization allowed with the embed template design for display the form

The form will only be active if all the tree conditions (status, from date, to date) are true.

New Entry Notifications

Navigate to “System/Panda/Configuration/Marketing Automation/Configuration” and then on the left side choose “Forms.”

Here you can choose the templates sent for email validation and new entries' notification.

 You can edit these templates in “Marketing/Communications/Email Templates.”

Adding a form to your store

To insert a new form in a page, while in the editor, click on “New Widget” (in the editor or self-contained button). Choose the form from the list.