Force Email Authentication in a form

When adding a new email element to a form, you can specify that the element must be validated before the entry is considered valid.

This will ensure your customers/guests are inserting valid data. Define validation time for the customer to validate the entry

Edit Email Sent to Validate Form Entry

To edit the email that is sent to customers who submit entries to your forms, navigate to 

  1. Marketing/Communications/Email Templates
  2. Click "New Template"
  3. From the Drop Down Menu, choose: "Licentia Nuntius - Validate Form Entry"
  4. Click Load Template
  5. Make the changes you want. Click "Save"
  6. To enable the newly created template, navigate to:
  7. Marketing/Email & SMS Marketing Automation/Configuration
  8. In the "Forms Settings" frame, in the "Email Entry Validation Template" choose the template you just created. This is useful, among other things, for translating templates.

Let subscribers define communication preferences

Because you can map form elements to subscribers extra fields, and create segments based on those same extra fields, you can let subscribers customize marketing communications they receive.

  1. Add a new subscriber extra field, type 'options', name it "Interests".
  2.  Now, add a new form. In the form General options, mark the option to "allow edit records".
  3. To that form a new element type "checkboxes". In that element specify a list of interests subscribers can receive news about.
  4. Create a new Segment for Customers and Visitors.
  5. In the Tab Conditions, add a subscriber extra field option and choose one interest. Save the Segment.
  6. When sending campaigns, in the segments options, choose the created segment to send only to subscribers who choose that option.

Enable Captcha

You can enable captcha for form submissions. This option is located in location Magento® has for this. 

  1. Navigate to Stores/Settings/Configuration
  2. On the left side navigate to "Customers/Customer Configuration"
  3. On the right side, in the "Enable CAPTCHA on Storefront" frame, choose "Yes.".
  4. Select the option "Email & SMS Automation Forms"