You must configure at least one Email sender before sending emails and one SMS sender before sending SMS campaigns. This is a simple step.

Go to "System/Panda/Senders".

Adding Email Sender

Although, in theory, you can define any email as a sender, we strongly recommend you use an email from your domain configured in your SMTP server, otherwise your email will most likely be considered SPAM.

Adding SMS Sender

When in the Senders List page, click on “New SMS Sender”

You will be presented with a form to choose your SMS service provider.

If your provider is not in the list, please contact us, so we can take a look into add it.

Form fields vary from provider to provider. Most likely you will find the information requested by the extension in your service provider control panel.

Removing a Sender

Please note that you cannot remove a Sender if it exists in a campaign with a status other than “finished”.