Message Templates

Messages templates are mainly used for Autoresponder, where there is no editor available to add a message. You can also load messages templates while adding campaigns.

Go to "Email Marketing/Templates," and you will see a list of your current templates.

Every time you add a new Email campaign, the content is added a new template, if it does not exist already. This is needed for you to create variations. If you create a variation for a campaign template, edit the campaign, the variation won’t be updated, but the “main” template will.

Template Variations

If you have a store with a wide range of customer’s types, you might want to send customized templates to different subscriber’s groups.

Those groups can be gender, age, customer group, interest, etc.

You can send a completely different design and content for the same campaign.

To add a new variation, just edit the template you wish to create a variation for and click on the top button “New Variation.”

On that new page, you will see on the left side a new tab called “Template variations,” the picture below.

When sending the campaign, if the subscriber matches more than one variation the first match will be used.

Design Templates

Design templates goal is to separate message content from message design. If you remove the design part of the campaign text, you can be more confident on how your message you look like, and you don’t have to worry about breaking the design. Design Templates are a placeholder for messages. They are usually composed by a header and footer.

The same Design Template can have Store View Variations. When adding a new template, you will see a button to specify a template per store view.

You can use Magento template variables in the design template

E.g.: {{template config_path="design/email/header_template"}}