After a Campaign is due to be sent, it might take up to 7 minutes for the extension to start queuing emails.

Messages content is first processed, messages are put on queue and the queue is sent.

It might happen, and is expected, that campaigns messages are being queued while previously queued campaigns are sent.

The main factor affecting send times are the SMTP server processing times and your server processing power.

You can define how many messages should be queued on every cron call and how many should be sent, also, on every cron call. To change these values navigate to "Emails & SMS Marketing Automation/Configuration" and on the right side, choose "Configuration".  Adjust the values in fields "Messages to send per cycle" and "Queue Number per cycle"

While the campaign is being sent, the status will change accordingly. 

  1. Queuing - Campaign Messages are being queue and some might also be sent. Check the column "sent" to see in how many have been sent
  2. Running - All messages have been queued. Now queued messages are being sent