User's Subscription Management

Green Flying Panda uses Magento® built-in Newsletter module to handle Newsletter Subscriptions.

This choice was made to allow an "out of the box" experience with the extension and to allow any existing newsletter templates subscriptions forms to "just work".

You can still manually add new subscribers from the Admin Panel, either manually or by importing them. This extension will do his best to mirror subscribers between the extension and the Magento® core newsletter extension.


If you add a subscriber that is already a customer, personal details will be auto matched to the customer data.

Disable Subscription Management

If you use Green Flying Panda but want a third-party extension to manage subscriptions, you can instruct Green Flying Panda to ignore subscription changes. Navigate to "System/Panda/Configuration/Marketing Automation/Email & SMS Configuration" and in the "Enable Subscriber Management" option, choose no.

WebApi calls will still work, since they map to Magento® core extension and not to Green Flying Panda subscribers management.

Subscription forms

You can use forms to add new subscribers/update subscribers information. While adding the form element "Email", choose the option to map that field to the Subscribers Email field. If the subscriber does not exist, it will be created. If already exists, it will be updated. When a subscriber is added trough a form, that information is store in the subscribers' information.

More information about forms here