Check Box (One)
A single checkbox to check. Mostly used for “I Agree with terms and conditions.” To make sure the customer checks this single checkbox, mark it as “required.”
Checkboxes (Multiple)
A list of checkboxes for the user to choose from. If marked as “required,” it will pass validation if one or more checkboxes as checked. The user can check one or more.
Country List    
A helper to add a select menu to the country list pre filled. This country list is loaded from Magento
A date picker for the user to choose from
User’s email. If the “map” option is set to yes, this email will be added a new subscriber
Adds a file upload element to the form
Hidden Field
A hidden field that the user can’t see. This is useful to track origins. Use the “default value” option to add value to this field. You might also want to add params to the “params” field to track values. (more info about this below)
HTML text to display to users. No information related to this field will be saved
Long Text
A text area. Usually for comments, or other types of fields that might require long entries
An input field that only accepts numbers. You can define the minimum and maximum number for the field.
Phone Number
An input that accepts phone numbers. Can be mapped to the subscriber field
Radios (Multiple)
A list of radio buttons. User can only choose one option
Displays a star-rating system
Select List (Drop Down Menu)
A drop-down menu
A regular text field. Mostly used for short text inputs, like name, city, etc.
A field that expects a URL to be supplied