Command Line Options

bin/magento pand:rebuild equity;
Rebuilds Customers Equity Data. Rebuild for a specific customer only by providing as an input the Customer ID
bin/magento panda:rebuild reorders;
Rebuilds Expected Reorders Report
bin/magento panda:rebuild performance;
Rebuilds Product Performance Reports
bin/magento panda:rebuild relations;
Rebuilds Product Relations Reports
bin/magento panda venn;
Rebuilds Product Venn Reports
bin/magento panda:rebuild recommendations;
Rebuilds Product Recommendations Reports
bin/magento panda:rebuild sales;
Rebuilds Sales Reports
bin/magento panda:rebuild segments;
Rebuilds Customer Segments Records
bin/magento panda:rebuild searchperformance;
Rebuilds Search Performance

Warning: If you want to run multiple commands, please use the method below, since there is an order they are supposed to run


As a shortcut to execute multiple commands, you can run the following:

bin/magento panda:rebuild [indexers...,]

where indexers can be empty (will execute all commands listed above),  one or more of these values (listed by the order they are executed if multiple are run):

  1. equity 
  2. reorders 
  3. performance 
  4. relations 
  5. venn 
  6. recommendations 
  7. sales 
  8. segments 
  9. search_performance 
  10. search_history