Goals were developed so store managers could in a very easy and fast way monitor top indicators, like number of subscribers, conversion, etc.

Go to "Email Marketing/Goals," and you will see a list of current Goals and their status.

Adding Goals

Click “New Goal” and in the next page define what type of goal do you want to track:

  • Conversions - Global
  • Conversions - Segment
  • Conversions - Campaign
  • Views - Global
  • Views - Segment
  • Views - Campaign
  • Clicks - Global
  • Clicks - Segment
  • Clicks - Campaign
  • Subscribers - Global
  • Subscribers – Segment
  • Subscribers – Form
  • Entries - Form

If you choose an option that is not "Global," you will be able to define which Segment/Campaign do you refer.

In this example, we choose "Conversions - Global."

  • Variation – The variation about the existing value. Valid values: 19 - Expects final number; +19 - Expects Final Number to be increased by 19; +20% - Expects Final Number to be increased by 20%; -9 - Expects Final Number to be decreased by 9; -20% - Expects Final Number to be decreased by 20%
  • Name – Goal's Name
  • Description – Goal's Description
  • Start Date
  • End Date

After saving the goal we are redirected back to Goal's listing, and we can see the record we just added.

Analyzing the above record, we are expected to reach an amount of 100€ in conversions by the end of the month.

  • Original Value – The value before we define the goal. This value will be subtracted from the current value to determine status.
  • Current Value – The current value of our goal. This value is updated on a daily basis, but you can update it by clicking "Refresh Current Values." When the result column is "Running," the current value progress background will change color based on progress.
  • Red => Low completion
  • Orange => Medium
  • Green => High

When the "Result" column is "Failed" the cell background will be black. If the Result is "Accomplished" the background color will be dark green.

  • Expected Value – The value to achieve.
  • Result – The Goal Status