While  product performance is a great tool to have, attribute performance expands the  overview of your sales performance by giving you key indicators based on  product attributes. 


Attributes in this report are  the ones you choose in the Extension configuration “System/Panda/Configuration/Customer  Equity/Reports Attributes”


When you  select the attribute, you want to see sales from, the extension will add  side-by-side (up to 25 options) for that attribute and show you an heatmap for  the key performance indicators. Imagine you want to see how each brand you sell  in your store is performing. This report gives you a nice, quick and easy to  understand perspective.

But we have  gone a step further. You add a secondary attribute to compare sales performance  against.

Imagine you  have two attributes. Brand and Color. You can easily see how all your brands  are performing, but what about a color per brand? You can select a brand and  then the heatmap will display sales for that brand and each color. Sales  information will be restricted to that brand and each color. 

You can get information by country, region, gender, age and any other customer segment