This is  another crucial report any large company needs to have. 

It  basically shows you how each product is affecting other. If specify a product  and then the system will load the 4 most purchased products with the product  and give you the superpositions of sales (cannibalism). 

For  example: Most customers who buy the product A, also buy the products B, C, D,  E. We are going to give you how many customers who bought the product A, also  bought product B, C, D and E. And then we are going to give you how many  customers who bought product B, also bought products A, C, D and E. Customers who  bought product C also bought product A, B, D, E, and so on…

With this  report you can identify how the increase of sales of one product can impact the  sales of others. 

You can  manually compare various products.

You can get information by country, region, gender, age and any other customer  segment