A/B campaigns are a great way to test subscriber's receptivity to a campaign.

You can list your existing A/B campaigns by clicking "Email Marketing/A/B Campaigns."

Add a new A/B Campaign and choose what you want to test:

  • Sender
  • Subject
  • Message
  • Sender + Subject + Message
  • Sender + Subject
  • Sender + Message
  • Subject + Message

After choosing an option, a new page will load with all the options. For this example, we will choose "Subject + Sender"

General Tab

Testing Options Tab

Listing A/B Campaigns

As stated in the picture above, we have three important columns that include results from both versions A and B. Views, Clicks and Conversions. These values are real-time values. The last column will have a link to the resulting winning campaign. If you choose to determine the winner manually, you can edit the campaign, and you will see two buttons:

  • Send Version A
  • Send Version B