Importing Subscribers

If you previously used another platform to send email, you can import your current subscriber list into the extension.

Click on the "Import Subscribers" button.

Please remember the file to import must be a CSV file, utf8 encoded.

These are the columns available for import

  • store_id – The id of the Store View
  • firstname – Subscriber First name
  • lastname – Subscriber Last Name
  • email – Subscriber Email
  • status – Subscriber Status
    • 1 - Subscribed
    • 2 - Not Active
    • 3 - Unsubscribed
    • 4 - Unconfirmed

The field separator is used to specify which character separates columns in your file.

Import Existing Subscribers

The first time you run the extension, please navigate to "System/Panda/Configuration/Marketing Automation" and in the section "Import Current Magento Newsletter Subscribers" click on "Import".

You only have to do this once.