This extension allows you to directly integrate your coupon generation by sending to each recipient a new coupon generated automatically. Coupons integration works on campaigns, follow up’s and autoresponders.

Before using this tool, you must have a "Shopping Cart Promo Rule."

When in your editor, click on the "Insert widget" button and then choose "Email Marketing – Coupons List." A window like this will appear

Some notes about inputs:

Coupon ValidityFor how many hours the coupon is valid. Please note the coupon validity starts when the campaign message is built.
Force Email Match
This option will only allow a coupon usage if the order email is the same as the message recipient. E.g., If you send a campaign to with a coupon code, only a customer with this email will be able to use that coupon code.
Display CountdownDisplays a countdown to the end of coupons validity. Please note this option only works for store pages/blocks. It will not work in email messages

 New codes are generated for each campaign so that you can use the same promo rule for multiple campaigns. Coupon codes can only be used once.