Summary explanation about columns.

Campaign Name
Campaign Internal Name. This is not the message subject. The subscriber won’t see this name.
Deploy Date/Next Run
The date when the campaign will be sent, or sent again, for recurring campaigns
Current Campaign Status
  • Stand By – The default status. Is waiting for deploy date to arrive.
  • Running – The deployment process has already begun, and the campaign is running/emails are being sent.
  • Finished – Campaign sent and won't be sent again, even for recurring.
  • Queuing – The extension is building the queue for sending. Since queuing is executed in multiple steps for large amounts of emails, it’s possible that some emails are sent while the campaign queue is being built. This is the expected behavior, and no duplicated campaigns emails will be sent.
  • Paused – The campaign is in pause mode. No messages will be put in queue nor will be sent. Pause/Resume campaigns is a manual procedure.
Last Run
Last time this campaign was sent. This column is useful for recurring campaigns, where you can keep track of sending.
The amount this campaign has generated in sales.
N. Conversions
The number of conversions from this campaign
Conversions Avg.
The conversion average for this campaign
The number of messages sent/the total number of messages in this campaign
U. Views
Unique campaign views
U. Clicks
Unique campaigns clicks
Number of errors that occurred while sending the campaign. To get more information about these errors, and the campaign and check the left tab "Errors"
A link to see campaign stats

Note about campaigns stats: Values presented in the grid above are cumulative if a campaign is recurring. If a recurring campaign is sent ten times, the values for conversions, views, clicks, etc., are the sum of all the recurring campaigns.