Technical Information

When you edit a new campaign, you will see the following tabs on the left side

Child Campaigns
This Option is only available if your campaign is recurring and lists all campaigns sent.
Follow-Up Queue
Only available if your campaign has followed up’s.
Follow Up Sent
Lists all follow up’s campaigns sent.
This tab lists all conversions made through this campaign
Lists all campaign links and each link conversion
Messages Archive
Lists all messages sent by this campaign
Messages Queue
Lists all messages yet to send to this campaign
Messages Errors
Lists all errors occurred when sending messages. You also have the option in this tab to try to send the message again or delete it.


To view campaign stats in detail while in the Campaign Listing page, on the action column choose "Stats". This option only appears when the campaign's deployment has started.

This extension provides you with a series of reports that allow you to take key decisions based on that data. When you are in your campaigns list, click on the last column "View" link to open the report for that campaign. All information provided by reports is real time.

In the first page, you will find a summary of your campaign and how did it do. Key information like conversions opens, clicks and opt-outs are present in this panel.

 You can also find in the left tabs more information regarding the campaign. Like countries, cities, applications, links, and dates.