Important Before you start note

To increase build speeds, this extension creates metadata tables to build activity data. When you install the extension, the process of build this metadata starts and can take a few hours depending on how many customers, subscribers, and quotes do you have.

To check this progress, go to “Marketing/ Marketing Automation / Configuration” and in the “segments” frame look for the status.


Know your customers

Having the ability to segment your customer base lets you make more rationalized decisions about content, prices, organization, marketing and support. This extension also supports guests accounts. Create segments with criteria that is relevant to your store. For example: need to do a product recall? Easily select all the customer that bought that specific product. Want to know the details about order from a specific region made using a specific payment method, shipping method with a subtotal greater than 1000? Easily. You can have an unlimited number of conditions

Targeted Offerings

Green Flying Panda allows you to automatically change a customer group when he enters a specific segment. This, allied with price per groups, lets you make targeted offerings. You can also use Customer Segment as a rule condition when creating Shopping Cart Promo Rules. Offer free shipping or a discount to a specific customer segment. The level of control you have over your customers and product prices is now unlimited You can also set segment prices as a percentage of the original price. This means you don't have to keep updating the segment price whenever the original price changes

Manual Control

You also have the ability to manually add a customer to a specific segment. Does your company have a special relation with a customer? Or with another company? For more granular control you can now manually assign a customer to a segment in order to make use of ACL and product prices Don't worry. A customer manually added to a segment can only leave manually. So yes, you can have segments with manually and automatically assigned customers

Attributes Usage

It's a very powerful way to know, not only the products, but also a common attribute customers view. You can segment not only by attribute, but much more interesting, per attribute value. If you have a manufacturer attribute you can create a segment of users who view, or bought, products from a specific manufacturer. The same way you can use to segment customer's gender, if you have such attribute defined. Linking this to the power of Email Marketing extension, you can send really targeted campaigns by knowing the subset of customers who are interested in a defined brand.

Price Variations

You just want to reward your most loyal (and you define the meaning of the loyal word) customers. Give them lower prices and make sure they know they are special. Why not reward your customers who have more than X reviews, added some tags and never failed a payment? They will appreciate the recognition and will spread the word


This is just basic. If you know where your customers are from you can offer a more personalized experience to serve them and to increase your retention rate

Premium offers

One criteria in conditions is the "Percentage of Global Average Order Amount" which basically means how above or below the order average your customer is. If you have a segment of customer with a "Percentage of Global Average Order Amount" of 200, that means their order amount is twice as much as the order average. Take good care of these

Missing Customers

Try to regain some "old" customers by creating a segment of customers who bought more than twice, but the last purchase date was over 6 months ago. Make some special offer to this group to regain their interests and maintain their loyalty. 

Managing Segments

Navigate to "Customers/Customers Segments".

Important Notes About Segment Options

Manually Managed
When a segment is manually you won't see the tab to specific the conditions for customers to be in that segment. Instead, you have to manually add customers to that segment. To do so, navigate to your Customers List and check the ones you want to move to a segment and on the top left selection menu choose the appropriate Segment.

If the segment is not manually managed, you can still manually add customers to that segment. You have two ways of doing this:
  1. In the customer list, like explained above
  2. While editing the segment, on the left tab list choose "Records" to see a list  customers in that segment. Choose the appropriate record and on the top left select menu choose "Mark as Manually Added"

Important: Customers that are marked as "Manually Added" are not removed from the segment, even if the conditions don't match that specific customer. Either choose the option "Mark as Auto Added" to make sure the customer leaves the segment next time it is updated,   or "Remove" to remove it immediately from the segment.
Segment Type
You have two options:
  1. Registered Customers
  2. Registered Customers & Guests
The first option will give you more condition options, namelly customer account related attributes. In the second option that is not possible simply because we don't have the date to do so.
Build Reports for this Segment
Green Flying Panda builds a set of detailed reports about product performance, sales, searches, relations and veen relations. These reports by default are built globally for all customers, gender, age interval, country and region. If you want those  segments to be built for customers in this specific segment choose "Yes".
Warning: If you want reports to be built for the segment, you must first make sure the segment has run at least one time (you can click on the top button "Refresh Records") rebuild the reports, either by command line or in the admin interface, by navigating to "System/Panda/Indexers". Talk to your developer about the best option for you.
Auto Update Options
  • No Update - The segment records must be manually updated by clicking on the top button "Refresh Records"
  • Update Daily - Segment Records will be updated on a daily basys
  • Update Weekly - Segment Records will be updated on a weekly basis (sunday)
  • Update Monthly - Segment Records will be updated on a monthly basis on day 1
  • Real-Time Update - This option will update your segment in real-time. Please note that if you have a lot of conditions in that specific segment data saving operations can take longer time. Make sure you use this option if it's absolutly needed.

Adding a New Segment

Note: "Conditions", "Records" and "Evolution" tabs are only visible when editing a segment.

Conditions List

For a complete list of segmentation conditions, please visit this page

Example segments:

  • Leaving Buyers
    • Don't buy for more than four months, but bought something over the last eight months
    • Orders amount was above average
  • Buyers to regain
    • Haven't purchased for over a year
    • Made more than five purchases
    • Made orders above average
  • Premium Buyers
    • Made several purchases over the last two+ years
    • Their sales order amount is above average
    • Percentage of completed orders is over 95%
    • Lifetime sales amount is over [reasonable value]