Segments Access

You can limit access to the following entities to a specific set of Customer Segments:

  • CMS Page
  • CMS Block
  • Catalog Product
  • Catalog Category

Users that try to access CMS Pages, Catalog Categories or Catalog Products that they don't have access to, will be redirected to 404 not found page. Customers trying to access CMS Block, and because blocks are incorporated in other entities, will see an empty block.

If you block access to a specific category, all products belonging to that category won't be shown when the customer. If product 1 is in category A and category B and the customer don't have access to category A, when he browses category B e won't see product 1.

Managing Segments Access

Segments Access Management is located in "Customers/Segments Access".

On the top right click on the entity you want to limit access to, and in the next page add, in case of products the SKU, or in any other case, choose from the select menu the respective entity value.