Prices variation shows all prices variations for products, including standard deviation. 

You can build this report in a global manner or for specific customer groups, since they can have different prices. 

To manage your groups, click on “Map Customer Groups” and create the groups you want. Each group can have multiple customer groups.

An explanation about fields:

•    Base Price – The base price that the product was sold

•    Qty sold at price – The number of products that were sold at that specific price, and not trough all product sales

•    Deviation – The standard deviation in relation to previous sales of the same product. If you change your product price monthly, each month deviation includes all previous months.

•    First Sale at – The date the first sale was made with the product at that price

•    Last Sale at – The date the last sale was made with the product at that price

This information is obtained from your invoices table and is updated daily.