This extension allows you to have product catalogs per segment. When you assign a product to one, or more, segment catalog, those products are only visible to customers in those segment(s). If a product is not assigned to any segment catalog, it will be visible to all customers.

  • Let’s imagine you have a catalog with 10 products, with SKU’s raging from 1-10, and you also have 2 segments with product catalogs. The first segment catalog has 3 products (1-3) and the second has 4 products (2-5).  The products with SKU’s 6-10 are not assigned to any segment catalog. When a customer, that does not belong to any segment visits the store, he will only see products with SKU’s 6-10. If that customer is the first segment, he will see products from 1-3 and 6-10. If the customer is in the second segment, he will see products from 2-5 and 6-10. If the customer is in both segments, he will see all products
  •  Let’s imagine you have a catalog with 10 products. You have one segment with catalog enabled and you add 3 SKU’s to that catalog, and, at this point, this segment has no customers in it. When a customer visits your store, he will only see 7 products, and not 10, because if a segment as products in it, a customer must be in that segment to view the products. When a customer is part of that segment, he will now see 10 products (7 that are not assigned to any segment catalog and the 3 that are assigned to the segment he is in)

Page cache must be cleared for price changes to take effect. If a customer is already logged in, he will only see the changes when he logs-out out and logs back in.

To enable segment catalogs, navigate to “Stores/Configuration/Green Flying Panda/Customer Segments” and enable them. Segment catalogs must also be enabled per segment. 

When editing or adding a new customer segment, please mark the option to use the segment as catalog.

Adding/Removing products from segments is done through the native Magento™ import system. Navigate to “System/Import” and then choose the option “Green Flying Panda  - Segment Products”. 


Removing products is also available when editing a segment and checking the product in the “Products Assigned” Tab.

To build the necessary CSV file, it must contain two columns: sku,segment

  • sku – The product SKU
  • segment – The Customer Segment code (not ID or Name). This value is specific in the “code” field when creating/editing a segment

 Importing Segment Products is also available as an API operation